Love Dared

We are the thing little girls dream of and big girls try to desperately fuck their way to the bottom of and women give up on in lieu of someone passable and a minivan. We are the thing old women turn to valium for to forget the little girl’s dream ever existed.

2 thoughts on “Love Dared

  1. Holy crap, this is existentialism at it’s best. It is not ones definition of love that changes over time, just the peception of it. It’s odd how society intertwines infatuation, love, and sex so tightly. If women could break those apart we would be much better served. Flippen society.
    This is very good. It moved me. I will tell you however…that this “chick” will be fighting that passable and valium part every step of the way…cause that heady infatuation part is just too fricken good. I choose to stay a dreamer!

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