Once Over, Darkly

antisocial butterfly

If you’ve read through the rest of the site you’ve met the Boyscout, a bit of the Gangster and some of the Butterfly. This room and all the doors thereafter are devoted to erotic stories, scenes really, that have poured out of me over the last decade or so. Much like all the other things I’ve added to this site, they flow out of me in fits of inspiration. My erotica however is not strictly biographical. It’s certainly inspired by actual events and people I’ve loved or knew biblically however.

As to my style – if you have a penchant for sensual, rough, filthy, BDSM, D/s, to be taken, then you’ll likely enjoy my stories. If you’re vanilla, not so much. If you have a lush dark side and an aching need to be helped turning the key to Pandora’s Box, if a phrase like “A hand around the throat with a well chosen whispered command or growl, your ear braced to my lips by my other hand through your hair forcefully.” causes your body to betray your mind’s protestations, then come down the rabbit hole… password for the good stuff upon request.

6 thoughts on “Once Over, Darkly

  1. i’m very excited you decided to share your erotic writings Daddy. now those who wish can take the journey down the rabbit hole, at least in their minds.

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