Her unearthly orbs of amber,
glimmering emeralds of idylic lust gaze upward,
framed by crimson locks to make Eros jealous.


Ready to surrender all that she is
gleeful at the opportunity to be taken
waiting to hear my desire
wetly anticipating the will of my hands

my mouth
my cock

She warms at my touch
fingertips gently tracing the adoration in her face
palms resting on her nape
my fingers snake within her fiery mane
her heart races, preparing for her release

nerves alive

Aching to be not in charge
to be made to do
to be sated in pleasing me
and to feel the sting of my hand
breaking her fiest.

She feels her neck hair go taught in my grasp
her mouth slackens as her mind goes
the way of her body and heart

to me.

Needing her reward.

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