Take a Chance!


Take a Chance!


State of the Gangster Nation

Bitch and Ye Shall Receive.
Or so it seemed yesterday when I walked into my bosses office after being out on disability since december and collecting 2/3 a paycheck for way too long. 30 minutes later I walked out with a 10% raise, a new zippy Mac laptop loaded with Adobe’s latest graphics programs, a flex schedule with a minimum of 3 days a week working from home and a strong potential for salary in a month.
Today my doc okayed me for precisely that job description and I should be rolling back in after the 3 day weekend the federal government tends to throw me for my birthday every year.
0fbe72b8-611a-40af-bd66-ebafbf5eacbbNot that I’m outta the woods yet. I’m still fighting the mrsa and my insurance company for the one magic pill that keeps it at bay. (@$110 a piece, twice a day) The wounds on my foot are still open and connected to a pump 20 hours a day. But hell, I may as well get paid while I’m busy being a gimp!
Oh yes and then there’s the redhead.
Have I mentioned that everything I was ever told about dating a friend ruining the friendship is officially utter bullshit? Dating my best friend has proven 16 months later to be one of the single best decisions of my life. God bless her patience with my sick, gimpy ass over the last few months but it sure has been nice to be with someone who has 20 years of reading me and knowing just how to communicate with and love me.
Trudge is defined as slow purposeful progress. My health and career footing seem to really exemplify that right now. My love life and my friendships bely that weightiness altogether. Sunday night a dozen of us crowded around the oversized picnic table in my backyard smoking cigars among other things, laughing to tears till I’m sure we annoyed the neighbors, my girl at my side. I remember just how I am blessed, truly.
Turning 44 never looked so good to me. Surrendering to a life I never thought possible was the best decision I never knew I made. Fuck the Ruby Slippers, I’ll keep rolling with the Flying Monkeys.

(May 21, 2008)