Beauty Borne of Breadth


Beauty Borne of Breadth

I am instantly wary of classic beauty. Because it’s survival is deeply invested in illusion. Scars and a mad twinkle swagger a confident, open beauty.

Step Away From the Mirror Narcisse!


Step Away From the Mirror Narcisse!

Finding out who I am is a byproduct of living my life with principles to the best of my ability. That is how I discover my own comfort zone, morals and values. Out there. For free and for fun. Not by sucking the oxygen out of every conversation by steering every topic back to you.

Fishy Phrasing Fails Feminism



I think the term ‘feminist’ itself is polarizing in a reflexive kind of way. Personally I fully endorse equality at every juncture for women simply because it’s nonsensical not to. It’s my obligation to use my power and access inherent in being a straight white male to level the playing field wherever possible. I don’t lose anything by doing so. It only makes us all a better, stronger, more efficient society. These are Humanist concepts.
The term Feminist implies (if not in reality) a desire not for equality but for the very same superiority of power and access that men currently enjoy, so ingrained in our culture and society that most people I know can’t even grasp it. Texas governor Ann Richards once said of George W. Bush, “Poor Georgie. He was born on third base and thinks he hit a home run!”. She was talking about being born into money and access but the analogy is apt for virtually any male on planet earth in comparison to the women of the same culture. It’s lunacy. And yet for all my evolved consciousness, use the label feminist and I immediately envision Gloria Steinem smirking “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”. I reflexively brace myself for an emasculation. Whether it’s coming or not. Because branding. We need to come up with something new. Not to ease my ego but to better push the discussion forward in a way that will inspire more than the choir to get onboard.