You don’t need permission; its not a prayer – it’s a choice. Exercise your power!

You don't need permission; its not a prayer - it's a choice. Exercise your power!

I Have a Dream…

I have this belief because I was raised in a socially liberal home. Though my neighborhood was such that you’d get beat if you were even effeminate. My mother was in theater so I grew up around gay. It was as normal to me as people with blonde hair. This was in stark contrast to social views around me. Views which I found not only ignorant but insecure. That was the 70’s in the bay area.
Today I live in the Marigny – the gayest neighborhood in New Orleans. No one threw a parade for National Coming Out day. In a town where a parade happens for any excuse in the world, that’s quite a statement. But the world is not the Marigny.
If I drive 20 miles outside New Orleans I am back in the Southern Baptist Bible Belt where it’s still commonly used to beat faggots. Like it is still in every rural, inland, homogenous, non-integrated town in America. Like it is throughout virtually all religious communities. All over the world.
So i created this poster as an ideal to advance people’s consciousnesses – not as a reflection of today’s reality. Because if you don’t live in a coastal big city or certain havens in the middle of the country, coming out is still losing your family, your friends, your standing in the community, your job. It’s a Big. Fucking. Deal.
It’s ridiculously easy to forget that living the life of a free, white, straight male in America. I started out on 2nd base and wonder what your problem is. “You’re gay? So fucking what.” Apathy is a far cry from acceptance.
So congrats if you took a deep breath and said it out loud yesterday – or any day. I got your back by not making a big deal out of it.

Jake the Wonderdog!


Jake the Wonderdog!

Adopting Jake was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. People say I’m lucky, but it’s not true. ‘Luck’ would’ve been bringing home a puppy and hoping for a great personality. I interviewed Jake. We interviewed each other.
Think how many Jakes are out there – ready and excited to make you happy! Take a chance…