Night of the Living Repeats

Today I was in the yard, throwing Jake The Ball. I was standing in the sun, zombie-like in automatonic motion as my head ate me alive (mmm brains!) with greatest hits like “Who’d want an unemployable *you* with half a leg anyway?” which is of course the remake of “Return of, Son of, Revenge of She’s The last Girl That’ll Ever Love Your Sorry Ass”. Starring Johnny Depp. I love that movie! Know it line for line. I wasnt a fan of the musical however. Anyway there i am and I’m losing the fight badly when a distant voice somewhere in the theater starts to distract me; “hi” …..”Hi” ……”HI” ……”HI!!!”. I’m suddenly jolted back into rightfuckingnow to see a five year old girl on her bike, very insistent that I know that she thinks I’m a-okay. I smiled a little, returned her greeting and she pedaled off, satisfied. Mission accomplished.

I was reminded of a time a decade back sitting in my menacing black car in my menacing black shades sporting my menacing bla… er, tattoos at a stop light with my head playing my Very Favorite Movie (the version where I’m only missing two toes) when this old Indian woman walks casually past me in the crosswalk. She looked right at me in this calm sort of way that struck me. Two seconds later her grand daughter comes skipping behind her, stops dead in front of my car and with a big ‘I just cashed in with the tooth fairy’ smile she starts waving all Gumpishly right at me.

I bawled. Which at the time wasnt too uncommon but this was the first time I’d cried tears of Hope.

There was no Hope today, but a reprieve. It made me wonder if God has this girl’s number on speed dial at Ethereal Central Casting or something. She made me chuckle. She broke the spell.

The tears came two hours later as I was manically cleaning and a random text came in from a number I didnt know. “Am very happy to have you in my life again. I did miss you my friend.” I bawled. Which at the time isnt too uncommon but this was the first time I’d cried tears of Hope.
Come to think of it, I hate this movie. How about we see Pirates of the Caribbean this time. I already have the leg and the costume.

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